AI-Powered Intelligent Document Processing by Ephesoft Transact

Leverage the power of Ephesoft Transact and Semantik AI Engine to quickly capture large volumes of documents and extract their data in an unrivaled time span. Improve your operations, boost productivity, and realize a swift return on investment.

How Ephesoft Transact Works

Ephesoft Transact and Semantik AI Engine work by utilizing advanced AI and machine learning techniques to convert unstructured data into structured format, a crucial process in the contemporary data-centric business landscape.

Why IDP Matters

Intelligent Document Processing is a software service that leverages data capture technology to extract vital information from both digital and physical documents.

Here are the stages involved in Ephesoft's intelligent document processing platform:

Document Capture

Ephesoft's system gathers documents from various sources, including digital ones such as PDFs and emails, as well as scanned physical documents.


With the aid of advanced AI algorithms, the system can recognize and sort documents based on their types, such as invoices, contracts, or forms, irrespective of their format or structure.

Data Extraction

Ephesoft's platform takes it a step further by extracting essential data fields within these documents. The software, powered by machine learning, enhances over time, becoming increasingly accurate at identifying and pulling out the required information.


The data extracted is then subjected to a validation process to confirm its accuracy.


Ultimately, the verified data is converted into a structured format that can be effortlessly integrated into other systems, such as ERP or CRM systems. This process transforms previously unreachable content into valuable, actionable data.

Why choose a Semantik AI Engine like Ephesoft?

Ephesoft's Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) is a software service that uses data capture technology to extract critical information from both digital and physical documents. It offers an effective method for optimizing your document management procedures.

By harnessing this state-of-the-art technology, you can achieve significant competitive advantages, such as:

  • Seamless assurance of data privacy and compliance with regulations

  • Wide-ranging and scalable document processing capabilities

  • Substantial time and cost savings

  • Enhanced efficiency, leading to satisfied employees

  • A solid foundation for initiating digital transformation efforts

Click here to access a document outlining how you can integrate hyper-automation in response to the rapidly evolving business and IT processes.

How does Ephesoft Transact differentiate from other capture products?

Ephesoft distinguishes itself from other data capture products through its innovative employment of AI and machine learning technologies, delivering superior data extraction accuracy and efficiency. Its scalable cloud-native architecture uniquely suits businesses looking to swiftly and securely process high volumes of documents.

Here are some key features that set Ephesoft apart as a unique data capture product:

  • Universal document automation, capable of processing any document in any format

  • High customizability, adapting to your business's ever-evolving needs

  • Ready-to-use APIs for effortless integration

  • Advanced classification for rapid deployment

  • Comprehensive, mature capture workflow

  • Precise handwriting recognition

  • Flexibility in deployment - cloud, hybrid, or on-premises for any enterprise

  • A simple browser interface requiring no installation and minimal training

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