Sales Order Automation for Pronto Xi

Accelerate accounts receivable efficiencies with sales order automation into Pronto Xi.

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UpSol can deliver document and workflow automation via the FileBound Solutions Authorised Pronto Solutions Partnership that improves the operation of any organisation by connecting users with the information they need to work more efficiently and effectively.

Digital approvals

Enable digital approvals to move invoices and documents easily between locations.

Mobile access

Manage invoices and seek approvals wherever you are with convenient browser access.

Intelligent capture

Eliminate manual data entry with automatic extraction of invoices from a custom mailbox.

Custom workflows

Ensure documents are approved and validated per business rules with tailored workflows and exception handling.

Continuing on from customers' successful FileBound Pronto AP Automation Solutions, UpSol customers can use the same workflow platform to reduce manual data entry for Pronto Sales Orders. Pronto customers can use FileBound to automatically extract Purchase Order data, validate information and create a Sales Order directly in Pronto via the Pronto Sales APIs, significantly reducing data entry and providing time back to Customer Experience team members to handle high-value tasks.


Sales Automation Benefits

Data extraction
  • Extraction of data from invoices

  • Line-item capture

Orders & Documentation
  • Automatic order creation in Pronto*

  • Pronto “Quick link” to order in FileBound

Data Matching
  • SKU Matching

  • Customer validation

Data handling
  • Multiple entities

  • Multiple data sets

*Pronto version must be v740 or higher for API integration

Our solution

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UpSol are experts in streamlining manual processes for Kiwi businesses and we have the experience, skills and knowledge to make the transition as easy as possible. Partnering with leading solutions providers, we’ll work with you to develop a Sales Order automation solution that delivers time and cost savings from day one.

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