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With millions of medical procedures and consultations performed annually, it’s getting harder for NZ health organisations to manage their records. The pressure is also on health boards and hospitals to find administrative efficiencies and enable electronic health records.

2% of GDP

is wasted on administrative inefficiencies NZ healthcare. [1]

240,000 Procedures

procedures were performed in NZ private hospitals in 2018/19. [2]

1.5 million

procedures were performed in NZ public hospitals in 2018/19. [3]

Who we support

Working with District Health Boards (DHBs) and private hospitals, UpSol offers solutions to unlock efficiencies, reduce spending and deliver a better experience for both patients and staff.

District Health Boards (DHBs)

UpSol helps DHBs to reduce paper records, digitise clinical information and improve access to patient records for improved health outcomes. We partner with DHBs to optimise administrative processes, improve access to clinical records, reduce document management costs and enable full adoption of electronic health records.

Private Hospitals

UpSol assists private hospitals to achieve time and cost savings, improve specialist collaboration and deliver a seamless patient experience. We work with private hospitals to streamline administrative operations, deliver enhanced services, provide quick access to critical patient data and achieve improved health outcomes.

What we do

Process + Technology = Solutions

Combining process-driven design with advanced digital solutions, UpSol works with health organisations to identify the underlying issues impacting performance. We look at how you currently work. We consider the best digital transformation solutions to meet your needs. We then develop and implement solutions to improve efficiency, increase performance and unleash the true potential of your workforce.

Lack of visibility

Document management

Information is a valuable resource - as long as you know what you have and where you can access it. Experts in document management, UpSol offers solutions to increase document visibility, control and access. Manage all your documents in a single system. Access patient records from anywhere - even from a smartphone. Save on physical storage costs, limit data loss and eliminate human error with digital scanning solutions and electronic forms capture. UpSol transforms document management, giving you 24/7 access to all your information.

Manual tasks

Electronic forms & digitisation

Administrative inefficiency costs NZ the equivalent of 2% in GDP each year. Digital transformation specialists, UpSol provides solutions to eliminate manual tasks and unlock process efficiencies. Streamline accounts payable by digitising invoices as they come in. Create electronic forms to stem the flow of paper. Take advantage of bulk scanning technology to eliminate data entry and convert paper documents into digital records. UpSol frees your people from unnecessary administrative tasks so they can focus on higher-value work.

Work Silos

Automated workflows

Work silos make it easier to manage budgets but harder to coordinate services. Experienced in process design, UpSol breaks down work silos to improve responsiveness and performance. Speed up the accounts payable process by automatically routing invoices to approvers across the organisation. Develop automated workflows to manage repetitive tasks across departments, including the collection of crucial patient data. Through automated processes, UpSol boosts organisational efficiency and improves the patient experience.

Disparate Systems

Data integration

Having the complete picture is impossible when information is held in various forms and in multiple systems that don’t talk to each other. Integration gurus, UpSol connects clinical portals and hospital systems to enable full integration. Bring up a complete patient file on a tablet. Access critical clinical information wherever you are - in clinic, on the road or at a different site. Make faster and more informed treatment decisions. UpSol makes it possible to deliver a seamless patient experience and deliver improved health outcomes.

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How we help

One provider. Multiple benefits.

Our digital transformation and document management solutions are designed to meet the specific needs of your organisation and deliver the following benefits.

Cost savings

Save on physical storage and record management costs with digitisation.

Productivity gains

Eliminate manual processes and spend more time on higher-value work.

Enhanced services

Automate data capture and document routing to improve services.

Greater visibility

Get an end-to-end view of data to identify trends and take action.

Continuity of care

Help patients access consistent care across multiple sites and clinics.

Improved outcomes

Access complete medical histories to assist in treatment decisions.

Staff satisfaction

Free staff from admin so they can do their job and focus on patients.

Patient satisfaction

Reduce admin hurdles and improve the overall patient experience.

Frequently asked questions

Integrating your Hospital systems with FileBound offers almost unlimited potential for automating your processes. To help you weigh up the benefits for your organisation, here are answers to the most commonly asked questions about integrating FileBound with your Hospital systems.

Can you integrate into any Health System or Application?

FileBound seamlessly integrates with most Hospital systems and some of the world’s leading applications to further streamline your hospital processes. From leading ERP Solutions and cloud accounting applications through to digital signature and other industry or function specific software, FileBound enhances your existing tools to unlock the true potential of your organisation.

Is there are Return on investment when automating your accounts payable process?

Yes, this is designed to simplify and automate complex and manual processes, FileBound eliminates laborious data entry, automatically routes invoices to approvers and seamlessly integrates with into your health and accounting applications to save your business time, frustrations, and money.

Can you automate other processes in our hospital outside of accounts payable?

Yes, we can automate a number of functions within your hospital and offer a range of solutions to address administrative issues and functions like digitising health records, HR On-boarding, contract management, document, and records management to name a few.

How do you manage your projects and ensure we get a successful outcome?

We are genuinely committed to the success of every DHB and hospital, plus understand the complexities and pressures with this environment. That’s why we created a range of programs to support you. Our Project, Customer and Partner Success Programs are designed to ensure that our clients received a successful outcome on all our projects.

Are you a New Zealand based business?

Absolutely Yes, we have a small team in New Zealand and part of the Ellby Group of Companies (leaders in business automation in the Asia Pacific region) backed up by a team of 35+ from our Head Office in Brisbane Australia. Expertise and support from both sides of the Tasman.

What hours do you operate?

New Zealand business hours and out of hours upon request.

Do you only offer cloud solutions?

We support cloud, on-premise and hybrid solutions.

Can you provide cloud-based OCR (optical character recognition) and capture technologies?

New Zealand business hours and out of hours upon request.Yes, our Capture offering is a named CloudCap, and its advanced document capture and data extraction features were developed with the real needs of DHB’s and businesses in mind. The tools provided through CloudCap allow your DHB to streamline information extracting the crucial elements to convert them into searchable PDFs and route them to a digital repository.

Can you perform the management of any data validation and exceptions for me?

UpSol’s Capture Exception Handling Service was designed for our clients that require a human eye check handwritten documents or any inaccuracies that even the best technology can’t pick up. The level of human involvement can be adjusted based on tolerances that you specify.

"Reduction in paper creation Clinicians now have immediate access to all recent patient records while still being able to access historical records if required. After three years of this initiative NMH is able to access historical records if required. After three years of this initiative NMH now have over 1.5 million electronic patient documents at the fingertips of clinicians that would otherwise have been paper only".

- Nelson Marlborough Health

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