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Streamline your client data capture so you can spend less time on data entry, and more time advising.

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Let’s face it, new clients hate filling in long forms.  One of the most challenging hurdles that Financial & Insurance Advisors face is the creation, management, and manual data entry required by forms used in the early stages of a new client engagement.  Not to mention that the manual data entry and management of those documents can take hours to complete.  This paperwork is an essential part of understanding a client’s needs and satisfying compliance requirements, but it is also an administrative burden and can potentially sour a client’s good first impression of your company.

AdvisorForms is the simple, digital solution to a messy, paper problem. By digitising the capture and storage of client data, AdvisorForms streamlines your onboarding process and saves you hours of data entry.

Our sleek online portal provides a space for clients to fill in any relevant forms online to be reviewed by you at the click of a button. Once forms are reviewed by both parties, the data automatically populates in your system. Integrate AdvisorForms with your existing software systems and the data automatically syncs to avoid costly errors and mismatched information.

No more piles of paperwork and no data entry. Just a single, simple solution.

As soon as your client fills in their details via AdvisorForms’ online portal, you can access and view the data. Review the form in collaboration with your client to ensure all details are correct and then simply approve the data at the click of a button. Even existing client information can be reviewed and confirmed without having to send out new paper forms – it’s a one-click tick of approval.

Processing a new client shouldn’t mean scanning forms, sending emails, waiting, chasing up, downloading documents and copying data into your systems. This sort of paper chasing is not only stressful, but prone to transcription errors that can lead to compliance issues down the track. If this clunky, time-consuming process sounds familiar, it’s time to discover a simpler way. AdvisorForms helps you streamline your client data capture so you can spend less time on data entry, and more time advising.

Customise forms

A standardised set of forms can be customised and deployed to best suit the preliminary client requirements. There is no point sending pages of redundant questions which the client is instructed to ignore.

Better Client Experience

Clients receive a link to their form along with an access token via SMS. The AdvisorForms portal then allows them to not only complete the form at their convenience, but also provides a communication channel with their advisor so they can ask questions and seek assistance.

Forms Management

A user-friendly dashboard provides an overview of the status of your clients’ forms. Check for outstanding forms, review data to avoid compliance issues or provide live assistance to a client that has questions or concerns.


The data from the forms can be integrated directly into your client management systems (e.g.: xplan, xeppo) to eliminate the time-consuming manual data entry.

Built-in Error Checking

Form fields can have validation rules configured to ensure that the correct information is entered and can be integrated directly into your client management system without manual transcription or double handling.

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