April 27, 2018

What is Digital Transformation? 

Kris Elliott

It seems like you can’t read a technology blog these days without stumbling into the phrase ‘Digital Transformation’.  Unfortunately many readers are confused not only by what that phrase means, but also because they don’t yet appreciate why it should be important to them.

Essentially Digital Transformation is about embracing the integration and adoption of digital technology into an organisation thereby changing how that organisation operates and delivers value to it’s customers, staff, and other stakeholders.  It’s a phrase that encompasses innovation & ingenuity, agility & mobility, automation & efficiency, and so much more.  Put simply, Digital Transformation is about using technology to evolve the way organisations operate to make them work better.

Although Digital Transformation is enabled and accomplished by using technology, the technology itself is not the goal.  A successful Digital Transformation project is often the one that is outcome focused rather than product or solution focused.  Its about using the latest digital tools, applications, and hardware to achieve those outcomes.

For business leaders with little experience with technology, this application of technology can be very confronting.  We see many organisations struggle to start a digital journey as they get caught in the analysis phase.  These leaders diligently research and try to understand what they should do next.  Often they are undertaking this “thinking” whilst feeling under pressure to act before they are disrupted into a perilous position.  The pressure can be enormous.

There are a few things we know about Digital Transformation that we would like to share;

  1. Every organisation is different and there is no single ‘right way’ to do things.  What is best for one organisation might not work in another because the might be aiming for different outcomes.

  2. The path to Digital Transformation is paved with both early failures and resounding success stories.  Each organisation is different so chose a partner that can help you avoid the potholes.

  3. Your competitors will most likely be looking to undertake a Digital Transformation project and may have already started on their journey.  If you stand still, you risk being overtaken and ultimately you’ll end up moving backwards.

  4. Your future competitors may not be who you think they are.

  5. Organisations that are benefiting most from Digital Transformation are the ones engaged with partners that are helping them transform.  If you try to do it alone you run the risk of instructional blindness so fresh eyes will help give you perspective.

At UpFlow Solutions, Digital Transformation is what we do.  We spend our time helping our Government and Corporate clients access the benefits that Digital Transformation can deliver.

If you would like to understand how we can help you and your organisation please contact us to arrange an initial meeting.


Kris Elliott
Solution Sales Executive


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