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Get the most out of your people and streamline your operations with UpSol. We are a New Zealand digital solutions company, specialising in digital transformation and business process re-engineering. We are experts in data capture, document management, organisational workflow, electronic forms, data integration and organisational change management. Harnessing 21st-century digital solutions, we streamline manual processes and re-engineer complex business tasks to unlock the full potential of your workforce. Save time and money, increase efficiency, boost performance and raise staff morale with our unparalleled knowledge and expertise.

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Specialists in document management, digitisation, workflows and data integration, UpSol is ready to bring your health organisation into the 21st century. Working with District Health Boards (DHBs) and private hospitals, UpSol helps your organisation make faster and more informed treatment decisions, delivering a better experience for both patients and staff.

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UpSol offers a suite of digital solutions for construction firms. A robust document management system together with automated workflows and digital tools ensures everyone stays on schedule, wherever they are. Enjoy accounts payable automation, easy job file management, streamlined human resource processes and simplified contract management.

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Embrace full financial automation with UpSol’s simplified digital solutions. Streamline accounts payable and eliminate paper invoices with advanced data capture technology. Automatically route invoices for approval, verify financial data and instantly transfer updated records in separate systems with workflow automation and custom integrations.

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NZ Organisations

As a growing Kiwi business, UpSol helps fellow NZ organisations streamline their processes and embrace digital transformation. Unlock organisational efficiency and unleash the power of your workforce with tailored digital solutions to eliminate manual handling. From data capture and document management to workflow automation, we help your business grow.


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Tailored to meet the unique needs of your organisation, UpSol’s range of products and solutions are designed to streamline, enhance and optimise your business.

Accounts Payable

Process invoices in days, rather than weeks, with powerful automated solutions.

Document Management

Access documents securely, wherever you are, through a single pane of glass.

Human Resources

Eliminate paper and limit manual handling with streamlined automation.

Data Integration

Connect disparate systems and reduce data entry with custom integration.

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Tell us how many of your staff are currently handling paper files and we'll let you know what your estimated savings could be, using our systems.




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About us

Made by Kiwis for Kiwis

UpSol is an NZ business dedicated to supporting fellow Kiwi organisations grow and scale through digital transformation. Our local team have a deep understanding of the current environment facing Kiwi organisations, including the need to cut costs and find efficiencies.

We help businesses across the North and South Islands streamline laborious processes to unlock the power of their people. Backed by the Ellby Group, (leaders in business automation in the Asia Pacific region), UpSol helps businesses adopt digital solutions to get more from their processes and their people.

We often joke that FileBound will increase the users joy by 24%!

“The implementation of FileBound has provided many benefits. It has made the accounts payable staff more productive and reduced their stress which has increased their wellbeing. We often joke that FileBound will increase the users joy by 24%! It has meant we could handle the increased work volume without increasing the number of staff”. Many users do in fact comment how this system is so much better, is more efficient, has increased transparency, saves time and that invoices can be approved on just about any internet connected device, anywhere. Which is great when dealing with teachers and staff who may not be on campus”.

Scott Whitwell - Christian Education Trust

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