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Experience UNseen organisational growth

Digital transformation and process re-engineering have the power to supercharge growth. By automating manual tasks and integrating applications into a single view, you give your team the chance to shine. Our goal at UpSol is to unleash the full potential of your business, so you can make full use of every valuable organisational resource.

Our people

Our experienced NZ-based team have the skills and experience to guide your organisation to unseen levels of growth. Backed by the power of the Ellby Group (the leaders in business automation across the Asia Pacific), your business is in safe hands.

Kristin Harper

General Manager

I'm leading the charge with the Growth of UpSol as NZ’s leading Digital Workflow Solution's Company that provides Value. One of my driving factors is to make Digitisation more humanised so that digital transformation becomes more accessible - helping more businesses save money or make money.

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Chris Manning

Solutions Director

I'm an enthusiastic and innovative trusted advisor who guides businesses and partners with digital transformation. My specialty is my ability to quickly gain an understanding of the business challenge, innovate and deliver solutions to enable business growth and efficiency, with a keen interest and understanding of the healthcare space.

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Damien Rose

Customer Success Manager

I like to think of myself as an ‘enabler’, one who makes things happen. I strive to guide others through their digital transformation journey: moving from the world of paper-based, manual processes to digital, automated solutions. I'm committed to our customers success and always ensure that relationships are mutually beneficial.

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What sets UpSol apart

We examine your processes from end to end to identify more efficient ways to work. Unlike most of our competitors, we take a holistic approach to digital transformation. This means we combine the latest technology with targeted process improvements to deliver the best possible digital solution for your organisation.

NZ business

As a Kiwi business we understand the pressures facing NZ organisations.


It’s not just about the tech for us - we focus on helping your team thrive.


Backed by the power of the Ellby Group, we have proven results.


We work with you to develop the best solution for future business success.


Take full advantage of your resources

UpSol offers a range of technology and process solutions, together with industry-leading success programs, to optimise business efficiency. By freeing the workforce from manual and repetitive tasks, NZ businesses can harness the knowledge and skills of their people to become world leaders in their industry.

Through technology and process solutions, UpSol streamlines business operations, unleashing the full potential of the workforce. This increases job satisfaction and fulfilment, encouraging greater loyalty and skills acquisition. In turn, this allows NZ businesses to become more innovative, profitable and efficient.


UpSol’s core beliefs

Our commitment to excellence and innovation is central to who we are and what we do. Our goal is to help every NZ business realise its true potential to ensure long-term success. We achieve this thanks to our strong values.


We believe our actions should be governed by a will to do good.


We believe all humans deserve to be treated with care and dignity.


We believe in re-examining and continuously improving our solutions.


We believe in working towards better outcomes for future success.


We believe that building lasting relationships with our clients is crucial.


We believe in empowering our clients to help them achieve their full potential.

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